Anat Cohavi - Musician and Composer.
Oori Shalev - plays drums, tabla and percussions, anything else that may resonate.
Juju & Jordash - Experimental / House / Jazz .
Gil Ladin -  A great drummer, Composer, Arranger.
Ari Erev - Jazz Pianist and Composer.
Izak Kaisler - Guitar player and Composer.
Ofir Tal - Piano player, Arranger and music teacher.
Yair Loewenson - Double Bass, Electric Bass and Guitar Player.
Blue Skylight - Since 2000 the band plays the music of Charles Mingus.
Jagdish - Founded during summer 1999.
Blue Silk - 2005, A trumpet piano and bass trio.
JazzMusic - The Israel Jazz portal. 
Jezsta - Jazz club.
Martef 10 - Haifa's Student Club, music shows, lectures, painting nights and more...
Milestone - Milestone jazz club.
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