Udi Kazmirski Biography

I was born in Haifa-Israel on November 1956. I started to play the bass guitar when I was sixteen. For about three years I played in some local groups in Haifa while I was taking music lessons with a cellist named Almoznino.

At 21, I started to play the double bass with Avny Mordechi while I was studying the theory of music with Rachel Haim and performing in small clubs, parties and giving bass lessons to young bass players.

My goals in music had always been to pay tribute to past legends of bass playing, while gaining the necessary experience to add to my inner voice in the context of my bass playing and my music.

By 1980, I moved to Tel Aviv and during the next two years I played in jazz clubs and hotel parties. At the end of those two years the music scene in Jerusalem had attracted me and I settled in Jerusalem for two more years playing with the pianist Eric Strauss, the pianist Avi Adrian, the drummer Roni Amsalem, Noam David, and more ...

Natural Gathering Udi

Then I moved back to Haifa for A short time and I got an invitation to play with The "Natural Gathering" which was an exotic experience for me. I played with that band for about two years (1985-1987)

After playing with the "Natural Gathering" I played for a year with the singer Yafa Yarkoni all around Israel with a piano trio (bass and drums).

In 1988, I moved back to Haifa, during that period of time I turned my attention to the double bass as my gigs instrument, playing with the guitarist Ofer Israeli and the pianist Dan Cahn, I also preformed with a trio that included Oren Frank (Guitar) and Igor Kreitman (Drums). At that time my early compositions came out ("Kedem Trail", "Side Wallker" and "You Gin")

In 1989 I had a dream to build my first upright electric bass. more about my music instruments building, is at Amo web site.

Sometime around 1995 I moved to Amsterdam. I played with several local jazz musicians and performed with A Hungarian folk band named "allegro barbero" that included a Singer and a violinist named Anti von Klewitz. Also I played in a cuban band called "Burbujas Del Son", I preformed and recorded for the record "Blues for Anonymous" (Fasson 004), A trio with Olaf Keus(drums) and Amir Perelman(guitar).

Allegro Barbaro - Anti, Sander, yochin, udi

In 1997 I was in Haifa playing mainly with Dan Cahn Quartet and we recorded a CD named "Figment",it was Dan Cahns First Quartet album (December 1997)

From 1999 to late 2000, I formed two groups. One named "Jagdish" with Jorden Chemanski (Keyboards), Ilya Ziblat- Shay (double bass) , Amnon Yoel (percussion) And me playing the Oud,
The second group is "The Blue Skylight", a sextet that plays the music of Charles Mingus performing at "Martef 10" (Haifa) for the first run and this led the band to perform more and more including jazz festivals at the Shuni fortress and Givatayim Theater Jazz Festival.

Around 2002 I worked on Nigun Atik, it was a free style interpretation of A selection of "Piutim" and traditional Jewish music.


I have some more to write and I'll do it soon ...